Lotech Ansari

Major Ansari of the Rebel Alliance


Dexterity – 4d ((2D+1))

Blaster 5D
Blaster Artillery
Brawling Parry
Dodge 4D+1
Grenade 5D

Strength – 3D+1 ((1D+1))

Brawling 5D

Perception – 3D ((+2))

Search 3D+2

Knowledge – 2D+2 ((2D+1))

Streetwise 3D
Intimidation 4D
Law Enforcement 3D
Command 3D

Mechanical – 2D+1

Swoop Operation
Starship Gunnery

Technical – 2D+2 ((4d ))

Droid Repair 3D
First Aid 3D
Demolition 5D
Blaster Repair 3D
Computer Programming/Repair 3D
Starship Repair 3D

The Galactic Civil War has been officially over for years, but it never truly leaves some people. During the darkest times in modern galactic history, Lotech was stationed with a group of rebels on Rori where they organized attacks on the Imperials occupying Naboo.

By the time Palpatine was defeated and the Imperials scattered, Lotech’s home, base, and friends have all been destroyed. She works alone with a single mission: to hunt down what’s left of the Empire.

Lotech Ansari

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